All natural soy candles made with Biblical Essential Oils!

Candles have been a recent adventure for me and started because I was looking for candles to sell in my mom's christian bookstore. After becoming frustrated by the lack of finding what I wanted, I wondered about making my own. The next day my best friend posted candles that she made, and my journey began. My first candle batch was a bit scary since we used WAY too much Essential Oil, the candles tunneled down the container, and resembled sludge in some ways. So, I set off first to learn more information about Essential Oils. After researching biblical oils and determining the types of oils I wanted in my candles, I learned how to blend the oils. Did you know that oil blending is like writing a song? I didn't until I did research. They have top, middle and base note categories, which when formed together create a fragrance that blends well together and allows the scent to lasts longer. Of course, then came the task of figuring out how much oil I really needed to be putting into my candles. That took some time, but I believe I now have a nicely balanced fragrant candle. Next, I needed them to burn cleanly because who wants a container candle that doesn't burn to the edge plus I wanted them to be naturally made. After several wick attempts, I found one that burns cleanly. My goal was an all natural candle that contained biblical Essential Oils, and not only smelled great and burned cleanly, but also provide a benefit. I believe my candles do just that!

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